Dongguan Jinconn
New Material Holdings Co., Ltd.

since 2011

Be a benchmark enterprise in China’s magnet industry

Dongguan Jinconn New Material Holdings Co., Ltd is a national high-tech enterprise integrating the research and development, production and sales earth permanent NdFeB magnet products. It has obtained provincial certification of “Specialized and sophisticated enterprises that produce new and unique products” and national certification of “The Little Giant Company”.

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National High
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National Little
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Industrial Application

Bring real commercial value to customers and become an important partner to help customers develop their markets

Magnets are widely used in the automotive industry. They can be found in ABS brake control systems, automatic clutches, electric window mechanism, windshield wiper motors, directional lighting controls, seat movement motors, automatic parking devices, seat belt detection, generators, interior space closures.

With the rapid development of science and technology, magnets are more and more widely used in communication consumer electronic products represented by mobile phones. The magnets used in receivers and speakers in mobile phones are becoming more and more refined. There are monomers and matching miniature magnets. Shaped sheet magnets. Magnets in other consumer electronic products are also ubiquitous...such as earphones, sensors, camera motors, tablet computers, etc. Jinconn can provide designed and customized magnets to meet the different needs of customers.

NdFeB magnets can be used for industrial automation products. Industrial magnets are mainly components composed of magnets and metals, plastics and other materials. The main applications are various motors, stators, rotors, generators, engines, couplings, elevators, separators, filters, tools, electric vehicles, etc... Due to its own characteristics and performance, NdFeB magnets are mainly used in motors and generators.

Magnets are also used in many electronic appliances and smart homes. Most kitchen appliances contain DC motors including small electric toothbrushes. Most smart appliances require small DC motors to operate, which in turn require small NdFeB magnets. Small magnets are also used in door locks, fire doors, high-end kitchen doors, smart curtains, etc.


New energy electric vehicles industry


Consumer Electronics Industry


Industrial motor field


Smart Home Appliance

Looking Ahead, Imagining The Future

Rare earth is an important strategic resource of China and plays a vital role in the development of science and technology in the world. In combination with the country‘s long term plan of striving to achieve “carbon peak” by 2030 and “carbon neutrality” by 2060, the company keeps in mind the vision of “becoming a benchmark enterprise in China’s magnet industry.

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