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Custom Magnetic Needs

At Jinconn Magnets, we typically do not keep ready-made stock of magnets. In other words, we specialize in custom magnet manufacturing. When it comes to customizing magnets, there are various aspects to consider. As a professional manufacturer of neodymium magnets, we categorize these considerations into three points: Shape, Performance, and Plating.

Regarding the shape of custom neodymium magnets, we offer a wide range of options, including but not limited to:

- Circular Magnets

- Square Magnets

- Disc Magnets

- Countersunk Magnets

- Double Countersunk Magnets

- Through Hole Magnets

- Tile Magnets

- Ring Magnets

- Sphere Magnets

- Fan

-shaped Magnets

- Trapezoidal Magnets

- Custom-shaped Magnets

For plating options, our fully-owned plating facility provides various methods, including zinc plating, nickel plating, gold plating, and even black epoxy coating.Custom neodymium magnet performance is available in various grades from N35 to N56. The choice of grade depends on the specific requirements of the customer.

Feel free to fill out the Custom Magnet Request Form in the "Contact Us" section to provide us with your custom magnet requirements.