About us

Jinconn''s vision is to become a benchmark enterprise in the Chinese magnet industry.

Company Advantages

Leveraging the advantages of the Greater Bay Area's automation industry chain, Jinconn continuously introduces and independently develops various precision automated equipment for magnetic material production and testing. This approach enhances production efficiency, reduces product delivery cycles, and ensures a leading position in the competitive market. With over 500 different types of equipment, we possess an annual production capacity of approximately one billion finished pieces.

The factory's automation production rate has reached 70%, enabling efficient and precise manufacturing of products according to customer requirements.

With up to 20 optical automatic measurement machines equipped with precise cameras and computer analysis software, we have resolved the errors associated with manual quality inspection. This meticulous approach enhances our commitment to achieving the highest level of product quality.

We have 12 large-scale multi-wire cutting machines, with each one equivalent to the output of 80 small-scale slicing devices. This breakthrough effectively addresses capacity limitations and significantly reduces production lead times.

We have established a High-Performance Rare Earth Permanent Magnet Material Application Engineering Technology Research and Development Center, equipped with a series of high-standard experimental devices from both domestic and international sources. This allows our company to take a leading position in the research of rare earth permanent magnet materials compared to our peers.

To ensure the long-term, stable, secure, and efficient supply of key raw materials, our company has signed strategic cooperation agreements with state-owned enterprises.



Dominant Advantage

Leading the Way with Golden Magnetic Casting and Craftsmanship


Talent Advantage

Gathering Wisdom, Leading with Magnetism through Talent Pooling


Production Advantage

Crafting Ingenuity, Enabling Intelligent Production


Product Advantage

Gathering Wisdom, Leading with Magnetism through Product Excellence


After-sales Advantage

Active and Sincere, Providing Magnetic Services


Future Advantage

Visionary and Forward-Thinking, Paving the Way for a Carbon-Focused Future